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job search
So I'm in salary negotiations but it otherwise looks good.  Still not posting anything on the facebook or sending out the official announcement as there is still a chance of things not working out.  We're close on salary so I think I'll have something official to announce next week (of course decision makers take the whole week off leading up to Labor day, silly).

I have a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday at 11:00 am to discuss.

See you all next year!


Yo, you three; read this
I'm still here; mostly in dark knight stalker mode.

Like everyone I know, I'm busy.  The programmer we hired to replace a good friend who left last August, quit in June.  Nice.  My boss also decided to re-re-retire (third time from higher education).  So I'm doing work for 3 people (with some help) but it is exhausting.  I think the worse part is telling people "no" or that their request is just going to have to wait.  I hate doing that (and I think that is a good trait) but I've found it difficult to say no.  I'm saying no more often but it continues to be a challenge...

Am I applying for my boss' job (again)?  Yes.  It closed 3 weeks ago which means at speed of University, today marks day one of phone interviews (hey people take vacations, right).  I have my interview in 20 minutes.  Mixed emotions about the whole thing.  Yes I should be preparing but I've seen/been in enough of these interviews over the past 5 years that I can pretty much recite the questions from the pre-approved HR list. 

Speaking of HR, my department's search standards would make most HR departments cringe and shutter.  No details today but a colleague of mine who has an HR husband for another company goes home with the most amazing stories and returns with "you realize there state and federal laws being broken here, right?"  Is it just me or do things like that happen everywhere?

Anyways, doing my annual check in.  Post later with how the interview went.

Vidal Jasoon

The Case For/Against Cruises

Kristy and I just got back yesterday from an 8 day cruise on the inside passage to Alaska and back (Seattle, Juneau, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Ketchikan, Victoria, Seattle).  This was our first cruise and given the option of going to a warmer climate and Alaska, we went with Alaska and it's more moderate temperatures.  I've heard that after your first cruise you are either hooked for life or not; of course I've heard that about a lot of things too (Opera, Symphony, transvestites, NHL, etc...).  So what do I think?

This cruise had some incredible, once in a lifetime type things happen that I am glad I got to witness.  Examples include many close up encounters with a variety of glaciers and to see a 200 foot glacial wall drop off or "calf" was something that I will never forget, salmon so thick in a stream that it appears you can walk across water, grey whales jumping out of the water, many bear/moose/bald eagles, and antique totem poles made by Northwest Natives.  All of these things were incredible!

The cruise itself...well, the entertainment was just okay and certainly suited for an elderly crowd.  If I go on this particular cruise again, I certainly will be more skeptical of the theater shows (think off off OFF broadway).  There was a speaker on board named Mike that basically is a hermit on his own island off the coast of Alaska for much of the year.  He was quite a dramatic speaker and his presentations were very good.  He even got to go up with the captain and whale spot for parts of the trip, announcing which side and where they were.  I did get a little motion sick I think (or it was the food).  Motion bands helped but not 100%.

Speaking of food, I'm told that this cruise had a lot better variety and quality than some of the other companies/locations.  I appreciated what was available but had a hard time finding something that tasted good and settled my stomach.  I'm probably being more critical than I should be.  I did like that there was a little cafe that was open most hours for tiny desserts or panini sandwhiches.  Also it was nice that the wine bar on board would give you *free* tapas or sushi if you ordered wine.

Alcohol on board is expensive.  If you saw my pictures on Facebook you saw that we smuggled gin, vodka, and rum on board.  It worked well putting the liquor in bottles in the middle of our case of water bottles *however* the case wasn't as secure as it could have been and apparently spilled some bottles during boarding.  In the end out of 31 water bottles and 4 liquor bottles, we lost 4 water and 1 liquor (rum).  We'll be ready for next time.

Alaskan Amber is quite delicious and our one excursion that we went on (Bike and Brew Glacier Tour) was very nice.  A 9 mile, flat bike ride up to a glacier then transportation to a local watering hole for *a lot* of Alakan Brewing Company beverages.  Very tastey!

Ports of call, well Juneau was good, Glacier Bay was incredible, Victoria was nice; Skagway and Ketchikan would be easy to pass up again.

Other stuff:  only one shuffleboard court and it was either cold/rainy or in service so we didn't get a chance to play.  Internet cafe seemed okay but we didn't use it.  Theater was nice with comfortable seating.  Rooms were big enough; a balcony was nice on days we were near glaciers/whales.  The basketball court was always in use but it looked like it could use some love.  The pools were nice but full of kids (pass) the hot tubs were nice too but it took some thinking to find one not full of retirees or kids.

Overall I would go on this cruise again but probably not for quite a few years (there are other things that are better for the price).  Princess was a very good cruise line and the ship was very nice.  I've heard the Mexican and Carribean cruises are mostly non-stop drunk parties so I'm not itching to go to either.

Any cruisers out there with different experiences?

One of a milion Oscar posts
As the 2011 Oscars wrap up, I thought I'd share my thoughts.

**Who doesn't love Randy Newman? (probably everyone that is nominated against him)

**Best Dressed - Mila Kunis, Anne Hatheway (minus Hugh Jackman tuxedo), Scarlette Johanson, Marisa Tomei, Amy Adams, Reece Witherspoon, and Sandra Bullock.

**Worst Dressed - What the hell does Helena Bonham Carter think when she picks out evening wear?

**I have the best agent in the world because I should NOT be on stage (tie) - Gweneth Paltrow and Russel Brand

Surely there will be more to follow but this is a start.  Discuss

Public Bathroom
It is time for my bi-annual blog post to my 3 supporters.  Today's topic:  Public Bathroom Etiquette.

Who are the people who routinely leave shit on the toilet seat?  Really?  I couldn't do that.  Were they raised by wolves?  Who shits on a toilet seat and then leaves it there for the next person?  Is this an ego thing?  Is your shit too good?  Are you lazy as all hell and just don't want to clean it up?

It is one thing to do it once and maybe you're having a bad day and the enchiladas last night didn't agree with you and you didn't notice your fecal matter.  I get that.  I'm disgusted by it but I get it.  Bad days happen (seem to be happening a lot where I work).  But this is 3 times in the past 5 weeks.  Sure it could be different people but I share a bathroom with 5 guys.  The likelihood of it being more than one person is very low.  More likely it is one lazy asshole who could give a shit about leaving shit on the shitter!

There is a special place in hell for you seat shitter!  Your own circle of hell awaits you.

The Dark Knight
What a great movie!  Yes it is 2.5 hours and that would probably be my one beef with the movie.  It could have easily ended after 2 hours and left the happenings of the last 30 minutes out.  I'd ask the millions of you that have seen it if the movie would have been just as good if it had ended at the highrise at 12:05 am after the ferrys were safe?  I think so, maybe even better because it would have left more different directions to go in for potential sequels.  Granted there could always be a twist and the door was left open as a Commissoiner Gordon could have been pulled at the end.  Guess I'm just saying it was a great movie despite the last 30 minutes of very little plot.

Indiana Jones and the plot that sucked donkey parts

***spoiler alert***

I took Jack to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull today.  There were few Jonesian moments early in the movie that made me think that it might be okay.  Enter the Aliens, exit any remaining chance of a plot.  While it was entertaining, I was pretty disappointed.  National Treasure 2 was much better than this one.  I think it goes back to the other Jones movies were based on some reality but having aliens land and introduce technology to ancient South America???!!!  No.  I wish we had went to Iron Man instead.  In my opinion this is a rent and not a theater movie.  Besides the fact you are going to hear all of the hidden gems in the movie well before you go and see it.  

Two stars out of five.

Sleepless night
Do you ever have one of those events in that you read, hear, or see something that just riles you up and no matter what it is impossible for you to settle down and sleep?  Well every once in a great while, this happens to me.  It is usually not something that worries me but rather something so aggregious that the only solution is to take whatever actions seem appropriate.  Tonight it was to write an email to Rupert Murdoch, Bill O'Reilly, and Foxnews.  I've posted the letter below which I find mildly entertaining.  And before anyone comments on my political disposition and/or writing abilities (or lack thereof)...  Oh and one other thing; it was amazingly easy to find Rupert Murdoch's email address with the Google.  Who knew?

Dear Mr. Murdoch, Mr. O'Reilly, FoxNews;


It is with great sadness that I can no longer support FOX’s newspapers, radio shows, television shows, movies, as well as those sponsors who choose to support you.  Yesterday during Bill O’Reilly’s show, he made the comment (excuse the paraphrase as I do not have a copy of the transcript) that “he’s not ready to lynch Michelle Obama… unless…”  In this day and age the word lynch should be left only for use in history books.  At best Mr. O’Reilly used an unfortunate choice of words and at worst showed how truly insensitive he is.  To use the word lynch in the context that “he’s going to lynch someone” is deplorable and then to back it up with the word “unless” is outright stupidity!  There is NEVER a reason that someone should be lynched!  I’m afraid that this transgression on Mr. O’ Reilly’s part will take years for my personal forgiveness; even if he decided to do the right thing today and ask for an apology from not only Michelle Obama but from everyone who has come into contact with his contemptible words.

I could simply not watch or listen to Mr. O’Reilly’s shows and stop buying his books and that would stem part of the problem.  However I am forced to go one step further due to the fact that FoxNews showed an almost equal lack of good judgment by immediately suspending Mr. O’Reilly for his insensitivity.  As of this evening, I will cease to watch or listen to anything aired by Fox of Fox News; I will cease to watch any movies produced by Fox; I will cease to read any publications backed by Rupert Murdoch; and I will cease to purchase or use any of the products I find associated with the Fox media conglomerate.  Additionally, I am going to write letters (and encourage everyone to do the same) to all of these product companies  explaining my rationale until a time in which I feel that FoxNews has acted appropriately with regards to Mr. O’Reilly’s comments.



Jason Mayer




Its not often that things go my way since I usually root for the underdog.  That being said, today was SUPER!  I wasn't rooting for the Giants but against Mr. Giselle/fake limp and the patsies.  The only way this game would have been better is if TB was driving and was intercepted for a pick six while being crushed while attempting a tackle.  And for those of you that say the Eli was in the grasp and should have been ruled down on the drive before?  Two words; Oakland Tuck!  Or Suck It!  Whichever you prefer.

Also I thought it was classy for Belicheat to dress up for the big game.  Always his classy self.  I hope the NFL fines his a** for heading to the locker room before the final snap.  I'm sure it was anyone else's fault but he or his team ( too many distractions because of spygate, unfair media, grass cut too low, undefeated pressure etc..).  Tell ya what Bill; karma is a bitch.  Kick a 49 yard FG instead of going for it on 4th down.

I didn't always hate NE; when they had Bledsoe at the helm I was quite happy to root for them.  But when he got hurt and replaced for the rest of the year... let's just say it left a bad taste in my mouth.  Not to mention the whole Belicheck/Cleveland saga.

P.S. -- try not to get any more supermodels pregnant in the offseason Mr. Conservative!

Politics...about what I expected
88% Mike Gravel
86% John Edwards
86% Barack Obama
84% Chris Dodd
84% Dennis Kucinich
84% Joe Biden
82% Hillary Clinton
70% Bill Richardson
42% Rudy Giuliani
27% John McCain
22% Mitt Romney
22% Tom Tancredo
21% Ron Paul
20% Mike Huckabee
10% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz