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Its not often that things go my way since I usually root for the underdog.  That being said, today was SUPER!  I wasn't rooting for the Giants but against Mr. Giselle/fake limp and the patsies.  The only way this game would have been better is if TB was driving and was intercepted for a pick six while being crushed while attempting a tackle.  And for those of you that say the Eli was in the grasp and should have been ruled down on the drive before?  Two words; Oakland Tuck!  Or Suck It!  Whichever you prefer.

Also I thought it was classy for Belicheat to dress up for the big game.  Always his classy self.  I hope the NFL fines his a** for heading to the locker room before the final snap.  I'm sure it was anyone else's fault but he or his team ( too many distractions because of spygate, unfair media, grass cut too low, undefeated pressure etc..).  Tell ya what Bill; karma is a bitch.  Kick a 49 yard FG instead of going for it on 4th down.

I didn't always hate NE; when they had Bledsoe at the helm I was quite happy to root for them.  But when he got hurt and replaced for the rest of the year... let's just say it left a bad taste in my mouth.  Not to mention the whole Belicheck/Cleveland saga.

P.S. -- try not to get any more supermodels pregnant in the offseason Mr. Conservative!