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Sleepless night
Do you ever have one of those events in that you read, hear, or see something that just riles you up and no matter what it is impossible for you to settle down and sleep?  Well every once in a great while, this happens to me.  It is usually not something that worries me but rather something so aggregious that the only solution is to take whatever actions seem appropriate.  Tonight it was to write an email to Rupert Murdoch, Bill O'Reilly, and Foxnews.  I've posted the letter below which I find mildly entertaining.  And before anyone comments on my political disposition and/or writing abilities (or lack thereof)...  Oh and one other thing; it was amazingly easy to find Rupert Murdoch's email address with the Google.  Who knew?

Dear Mr. Murdoch, Mr. O'Reilly, FoxNews;


It is with great sadness that I can no longer support FOX’s newspapers, radio shows, television shows, movies, as well as those sponsors who choose to support you.  Yesterday during Bill O’Reilly’s show, he made the comment (excuse the paraphrase as I do not have a copy of the transcript) that “he’s not ready to lynch Michelle Obama… unless…”  In this day and age the word lynch should be left only for use in history books.  At best Mr. O’Reilly used an unfortunate choice of words and at worst showed how truly insensitive he is.  To use the word lynch in the context that “he’s going to lynch someone” is deplorable and then to back it up with the word “unless” is outright stupidity!  There is NEVER a reason that someone should be lynched!  I’m afraid that this transgression on Mr. O’ Reilly’s part will take years for my personal forgiveness; even if he decided to do the right thing today and ask for an apology from not only Michelle Obama but from everyone who has come into contact with his contemptible words.

I could simply not watch or listen to Mr. O’Reilly’s shows and stop buying his books and that would stem part of the problem.  However I am forced to go one step further due to the fact that FoxNews showed an almost equal lack of good judgment by immediately suspending Mr. O’Reilly for his insensitivity.  As of this evening, I will cease to watch or listen to anything aired by Fox of Fox News; I will cease to watch any movies produced by Fox; I will cease to read any publications backed by Rupert Murdoch; and I will cease to purchase or use any of the products I find associated with the Fox media conglomerate.  Additionally, I am going to write letters (and encourage everyone to do the same) to all of these product companies  explaining my rationale until a time in which I feel that FoxNews has acted appropriately with regards to Mr. O’Reilly’s comments.



Jason Mayer



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However I am forced to go one step further due to the fact that FoxNews showed an almost equal lack of good judgment by immediately suspending Mr. O’Reilly for his insensitivity. .

Ok...this confused me. I thought you wanted them to suspend him. I am the designated letter writer in my family for things like these. Good for you for speaking your mind.

Bad for you for watching Fox News in the first place! ;-)
(sorry I HAD to say it. Bill O'Reilly makes me physically ill.)

I think his lack of sleep made him a bit loopy, and perhaps he left a word or two out of his letter. I read it this morning too, and got confused. But then again, he probably didn't want to wake his editor (me) at 3am and say "Hey babe, want to read my diatribe to that asshat Rupert Murdoch?"

The thing you need to understand about mr. m8yer is that he abhors every fiber of Bill O's being - every word that escapes BillO's mouth is like spew of the devil. If he could remove FoxNews from our channel options on DirecTV, I'm sure he would. However, if he removed Fox, he knows I'd kick his ass because I love me some American Idol.

Jason is a democrat with a capital D and would be very happy to tell you as much. I think I caught a glimpse of a tear escaping his eye a couple weeks ago when really bad weather kept us from caucusing. Well okay, maybe that's an embellishment, but you get my drift!

Keith Olbermann is a pre-dinner staple in our house, and you know as much when you have a 5-year-old who, even two years ago, would say "Daddy, I like Olber-MAN. Is Olber-MAN on again?" If you ever watch Keith's show, you'll know that BillO makes the #1 spot on his "Worst Person In The World" rankings at least once a week.

Last night, BillO was indeed #1 on Keith's list for his lynching comments, and I can't believe it took Jason nine hours after watching Countdown to get mad enough fire off an email to FOX honchos! However, I think he might've been better suited to have written what he did, sleep on it, and then proof before hitting the send button :)

Thank GOD for your explanation. My faith in Jason has been restored!

My dad has a hot date with Keith every night. :-)

yes I meant that they SHOULD have immediately suspended him and the fact that he didn't showed an equal lack of judgment on their part. It's not like anyone is going to read it anyways.

I did! But I am not an asshat that works for Fox. Sorry. I have no "pull". But I firmly believe in sending letters like this. I was serious about the designated letter writer bidness for my family.

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