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The Dark Knight
What a great movie!  Yes it is 2.5 hours and that would probably be my one beef with the movie.  It could have easily ended after 2 hours and left the happenings of the last 30 minutes out.  I'd ask the millions of you that have seen it if the movie would have been just as good if it had ended at the highrise at 12:05 am after the ferrys were safe?  I think so, maybe even better because it would have left more different directions to go in for potential sequels.  Granted there could always be a twist and the door was left open as a Commissoiner Gordon could have been pulled at the end.  Guess I'm just saying it was a great movie despite the last 30 minutes of very little plot.

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Jer and I saw it today and LOVED it! I was even able to make it without having to use the restroom. Pretty awesome for a 7-month pregnant lady! :)

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