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Yo, you three; read this
I'm still here; mostly in dark knight stalker mode.

Like everyone I know, I'm busy.  The programmer we hired to replace a good friend who left last August, quit in June.  Nice.  My boss also decided to re-re-retire (third time from higher education).  So I'm doing work for 3 people (with some help) but it is exhausting.  I think the worse part is telling people "no" or that their request is just going to have to wait.  I hate doing that (and I think that is a good trait) but I've found it difficult to say no.  I'm saying no more often but it continues to be a challenge...

Am I applying for my boss' job (again)?  Yes.  It closed 3 weeks ago which means at speed of University, today marks day one of phone interviews (hey people take vacations, right).  I have my interview in 20 minutes.  Mixed emotions about the whole thing.  Yes I should be preparing but I've seen/been in enough of these interviews over the past 5 years that I can pretty much recite the questions from the pre-approved HR list. 

Speaking of HR, my department's search standards would make most HR departments cringe and shutter.  No details today but a colleague of mine who has an HR husband for another company goes home with the most amazing stories and returns with "you realize there state and federal laws being broken here, right?"  Is it just me or do things like that happen everywhere?

Anyways, doing my annual check in.  Post later with how the interview went.

Vidal Jasoon

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Fascinating; while strict technical knowledge is part of the job description, not one technical question on the phone interview....

Your boss has retired 500 times. It's like groundhog day. More later! Good luck.

How was your interview for the 500th time for the same job?

I have had to explain inappropriate interview questions to my Swedish coworker. Considering he would say anything to anyone at anytime that was interesting. Our recruiter is AWFUL. I can't stand her. And my friend is a mgr and he is trying to fill positions. He went to interview someone on Friday and she had given him their LinkedIn Profile. BUT NO RESUME. He found out that a few people had been referred a few months ago and she never followed up with them. She is too busy bullying us to fill out the Great Places to Work Survey and nagging us to add her on linked in. Um no. Leave me alone. And I did fill out the survey and told them how shitty their benefits were.

I am just amazed at the Brett Favreness of your boss' career. But not in THAT way.

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