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Fool me twice...we can't get fooled again
I shared with a friend of mine that I was selling my house and looking for a new job (although still with the University) all this summer.  He replied that I'm trying to tackle 2 of the top 5 life stressors at the same time (more or less calling me crazy).  Yeah so after weeks of stress I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I moved the last box out of the house today and left my key on the counter in preparation for tomorrow's closing. 

Also on the good news front, I was offered a job today in another department on campus.  I've never received a job offer where they offer you the job and ask for your salary requirements.  I was taken aback and asked if I could discuss the offer (of unknown monetary amount) with my wife over lunch and call back.  Of course this was okay with the person making the offer.  I talked it over with Kristy and did some research and thought I should aim high since its likely to be negotiated downwards from there but not too high as I'm not egotistical at all (at programming anyways).  So I aimed for an 18% increase knowing that I'd get shot down.  I was countered with a 20% increase which of course I accepted.  So two things to note: a) I apparently low-balled my self value b) I don't know what to think of a reverse offer other than I'm completely flattered.

Now if my wife would come home early to celebrate and our new house would auto-magically unpack/paint itself...

Sold again!
Yeah so I thought it was over when we settled on a price with mr. buyer.  Little did I know there was still negotiating to do with closing dates and inspection credits and outlets that cost $75 to turn upside down (no wiring involved).  Now it is official.  Closing date on Aug. 24, 2007.  All that is left now is the packing and moving and cleaning and painting and stuff.  Once again I'll be happy to put the month of 8 behind me and my family.

House part deux
Selling a house should not be this complicated!  A few observations:

    I really don't like realtors.  I mean ours is fine but I don't really feel like she's fighting for us but rather is fighting for the sale.  I'm sure I'm imagining things as our "sale" is no longer a sure thing and we've not heard word one from the buyer's realtor.  And what information might we want?  Well let's start with the fact that the buyer wants to close on Aug 17 rather than the 31st.  The only reason we know this is because my brother works at the local title company and called and relayed that information to us.  Everything we signed so far has said Aug 31 and moving it up to the 17 is a HUGE inconvenience!  Additionally the inspector report for our property has been done since last Friday and in the hands of the buyer and his realtor.  Well if you'd like us out by the 17th then I suggest that you let us take a look at what needs to be fixed because we really don't have the time as it stands right now yet I'm sure we'll get a list of "must fix" before 17th and the expectation will be that we'll be able to drop everything while packing/moving and fix whatever is on the list.  The excuse of being a first time home buyer is wearing very thin at this point and if it wasn't near the end of the realty season then I'd be more willing to tell this guy to FO.

Thank God the day has come when we can take our house off of the market!  Granted we still have to see if Mr. Buyer is going to get his financing approved and our house passes whatever inspection may come but we have an offer we're happy with.  On to the move to G-town and weeks of painting, flooring, and moving.